Best Car Holster in 2020 – Buying Guide & Comparison

As a gun enthusiast, if you like taking long trips with your car, a normal on the body holster configuration might not work for you all the time. Sitting down with a concealed carry holster, in general, is not very comfortable. And when it comes to driving for long hours, it can get extremely daunting.

Does that mean you should leave your gun at home? Or do you just put it inside the glove compartment? Neither options are great if you want to reach your gun quickly without compromising the safety of yourself or the passenger. However, the best car holster might be the perfect solution in situations like this.

With this handy contraption, you can carry your handgun or pistols safely and discreetly without dealing with any discomfort. You can both enjoy your ride and access your gun in a jiffy should the need ever arise. And as an added cherry on top, these units look super cool.

 In this article, we will give you a thorough rundown of everything you need to know about a car gun holster. By the end, you should be an expert at identifying the best options on the market and which product is better suited to your needs.

Top 5 Best Car Holster Reviews

Now that you know the benefits of using a car holster, we can jump into the fun part. In the following section of the article, we have compiled our top picks for the best car holster that you can find on the market to take your gun with you whenever you are going on the road.

1. Jotto Gear Quick Access, Rugged Steel, Officially Licensed NRA Locking Handgun Holster for Car

The first product on our list is a rugged and handy quick access car gun holster by the brand Jotto Gear. If you want the high level of safety that comes from a car gun vault without compromising on the draw speed, this unit is a perfect choice. And considering the affordable price tag, it is a great choice for just about anyone.

It features a heavy-duty steel construction that ensures the highest level of safety and protection for your firearm. The beefy nature of the unit might not be appealing to some. However, it does feature a locking mechanism to ensure no unauthorized person can access it.

One of the best features of this unit is the quick and easy access it provides to your handgun while providing vault-like security. You get a lot of mounting options with this unit, such as beside your car seat, on the glove compartment, or can even use it as a bedside gun safe.

 It also features a lined silicone interior to protect the finish of your gun. The addition of the customizable trigger guard, quick flip bale, and barrel lock keys ensure the utmost safety for your weapon. It even features a padded barrel stop to prevent any damage to the barrel of your handgun. Overall it is a great purchase for people who do not want to make any compromise when it comes to security.

Pros :

  • Versatile mounting options
  • Comes with a keyed lock
  • Customizable trigger fit
  • Provides quick access to your firearm


  • A bit too bulky and heavy

2. Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder w/Safety Trigger Guard Protection

When you are buying a car holster, space is always an issue. You cannot practically go with massive holsters, and typically, you need something that can stay concealed and discreet. The Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder maintains that discreet appearance while providing hassle-free access to your firearm.

Because of its magnetic mounting options, installing this unit requires no drilling. This takes away all the hassle that usually comes with mounting a car holster. In addition, its compact and lightweight design allows you to keep your gun hidden from prying eyes, giving you a truly concealed carry experience.

Despite its smaller size, this unit is built like a tank. For the magnet, the manufacturers used neodymium, which can hold up to 15 pounds of weight. As a result, you can be sure that it can hold the weight of whatever compact handgun you want to carry with you in the car.

The unit also features a trigger guard to prevent any accidental discharge when pulling out your gun. This gun holster is compatible with a wide range of guns by brands like Glock, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, Winchester, etc. So whichever gun you own, you are sure to have a wonderful experience with this holster.

Pros :

  • Slim and low-profile design
  • Installation is easy and hassle-free
  • Provides quick access to your firearm
  • The built-in trigger guard provides added safety


  • Does not contain any locking mechanism

3. Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Vehicle and Home

If you are looking for a secondary holster to carry your guns discreetly in the car, spending a lot of money is not very practical. For people on a tight budget, this low-profile gun mount by the brand Keeper MG offers the perfect solution. It is simple and affordable, giving you everything you want from a car holster.

The unit features strong and powerful magnets that can hold up to 35 pounds of weight in its construction. Thanks to the high strength of the magnets, you can relax, knowing that your gun will stay in place no matter how bumpy the ride gets. Additionally, you can carry heavier guns without facing any compatibility issues.

It also comes with rubber coating on the mount to protect the cosmetic quality of the handguns. The low-profile nature of the unit successfully keeps your gun out of sight while providing easy access to it whenever you get into a high-stress situation.

 The unit is compatible with a wide range of firearms from reputed manufacturers. You are not only limited to handguns but can also carry weapons like rifles and shotguns thanks to its powerful magnets. Installation of the holster is fast, and you get all the accessories you need, included with your purchase.

Pros :

  • Low-profile gun mount
  • High-strength magnets can handle up to 35 pounds of weight
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely high value for the cost


  • No apparent cons

4. Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

Up next is a multi-mount gun holster by the brand Highway holster. This unit is a bit different from the other ones that we reviewed on this list. With your purchase, you do not essentially get a holster, but rather a contraption that allows you to mount your gun holster.

Although it is a bit of a different route, it does offer massive utility to people who do not want to switch between holsters very often. You can simply carry your weapon in your IWB holster, and when you get in your car, you can take out the holster and mount it on this device.

Despite it being a separate tool, you get all the benefits of quick draw and safety from it. You have the option to adjust the holster to some degrees to give you a better angle to pull out the gun. Furthermore, this unit can hold up multiple holsters so you can keep a few guns close to you without any issue.

 Its design allows you to mount it vertically on the car seat for the instant drawing of the firearm. You can even mount other accessories such as smartphones or tablets in its multiple slots. The adjustable nature of the unit, along with the affordable price tag, makes it a highly desirable purchase for just about anyone.

Pros :

  • Easy to install
  • Provides a strong base to store your holsters
  • Can mount other accessories along with your firearms
  • Adjustable options for quick access to your firearms


  • You need to purchase a holster separately

5. Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount (Mount Only)

To wrap up our list of reviews, we will look at another universal handgun mount by the brand Gum Creek. This type of unit is on the rise in popularity because of how efficient it makes managing your holster. Furthermore, the cost of these units is typically lower compared to car gun holsters.

The efficiency of this unit lies in its universal mounting mechanism. As long as your gun holster comes with a belt loop, you can mount it. Thankfully all IWB and OWB holster comes with belt platform, so you can expect your holster to work with it without any issues.

Another great feature of the unit is its versatile mounting option. Although the normal mounting location for these types of devices is the bottom or side of the car seat, you can mount this one in your steering wheel. With this option, your access speed increases tenfold.

 You also do not need to fiddle around with tools when installing this unit. It features tool-free installation and ensures that you can start using it with minimal time investment. Besides, the low profile nature of the unit allows it to stay out of your way when you are driving.

Pros :

  • Works with any belt loop holster
  • Easy to install
  • Can be switched from one car to another with minimal hassle
  • Affordable price tag


  • Does not include a holster

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Car Gun Holster 

With the list of products out of the way, we can focus on a few essential factors when you are making your decision. A car holster is not a small-time investment. If you want to get the most out of your investment you cannot afford to make any mistakes while choosing it.

There are a few key issues that you need to address before making your decision. It will help you understand your needs better which in turn can drastically impact your decision.

  • How frequently will you use it?
  • What are the chances of you getting into a firefight situation?
  • Is it safe and concealed enough?

These are the major issues that you have to deal with when choosing the best vehicle holster. However, that does not mean these are the only ones that you need to worry about.

In the following section of the article, we will give you a quick overview of everything that you need to consider when buying a gun holster for your car.


The first thing you must address is the overall design of the car holster. There are many variants of a car holster available in the market. But not all of them might suit your needs. You need to understand which particular design is for you to make an informed choice when choosing the best car holster.

First, there are basic car holsters that feature a case to hold your gun. Sometimes they feature a locking mechanism to securely lock your gun away. It is useful if you want to leave the car with your gun inside for long periods. Typically you need to use power drills to mount this tool.

You can also find magnetic holsters that require no drilling. These units are meant to go on a flat surface and keep your gun steady as you drive. They offer excellent draw speed, but generally, they are not very secure as your gun remains exposed. However, installing these units is easy and effortless.

Finally, you can also find car gun mounts. These contraptions are quite popular because of their versatile nature. It is essentially a metal bar that goes on the car seat or steering wheels with slots to hold your gun holster. With these units, you typically have to buy a separate holster. If you already have a gun holster on your body, then it is a great option.


You also need to account for the durability of the holster or mount. With gun holsters, you want to keep your investment to a minimum. But if the product you buy breaks down after a couple of months, you need to worry about the extra cost of replacement.

The best way to proceed is to spend some time checking the quality of materials used in the construction of the holster. It would give you a general idea of the quality of the device that you are buying. Your decision needs to be practical, and for that, you must consider the durability of the device critically.

Easy Access

A car gun holster that does not provide you with a quick and easy way to get to your firearm is not a very practical investment. You never know when trouble comes, so your gun needs to be in a position that allows you to respond quickly if you ever need to.

Thankfully with car gun holsters, you get a few different mounting options. However, not all holsters give you the same performance in every single location. Regardless of where you end up installing it, if you cannot get to your gun quickly, there is no point in investing the holster.

Mounting options

The different mounting options that you get with your car holster increases its overall value. With a plethora of mounting capabilities, you can set up the holster according to your exact specifications. Some of the common mounting locations are under the car seat, over the glove compartment, and on the steering wheels.

Additionally, you should also check the installation process before you invest in a particular unit. Some models allow for tool-free installation, while some require you to drill holes in your car. If you are not comfortable with using tools in your car, you would be better off buying a unit that requires no drilling.

Adjustment options

Any good holster, whether it is for your car or for your body, needs to have some adjustment options. Without adjustability features, you will not be able to fine-tune the overall position of your gun. It can severely impact your draw speed and the security of your weapon.

Some basic adjustment options, such as changing the cant angle or adjusting the retention, can drastically improve your experience with the holster. Not everyone has the same drawing technique. With options to fine-tune the settings, you can get a better experience with it.


Price is always a major concern whenever you are making an investment. Unless you have a fixed budget in mind, you will not be able to make an objective decision. Since the price range of a good car holster is quite wide, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend on it.

 If you take a look at our reviews, most of the products are at an affordable range. But, there are expensive models out there with many extra features. However, before investing your hard-earned money, ask yourself whether you need it practically. If not, then you are essentially paying for features that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need The Best Car Holster?

A car holster is one of the best solutions to carrying your gun comfortably in your car. It provides essential security without adding to the hassle of carrying your gun on you. If you ever sat down with an IWB holster, you have definitely experienced the nuisance of your gun digging into your skin.

Furthermore, installing this tool is extremely easy. You can place it just beside your seat on your strong side so that you can quickly reach your gun if you ever need to. It just takes a few minutes of your time and some basic knowledge of tools to get it up and running.

Despite the high level of utility, it brings to the table, it is relatively affordable. Yes, there are expensive high-end models available in the market; you do not necessarily need to shell out big bucks to get a well-functioning car holster. In fact, it is much cheaper than the next best alternative to carry your handgun in your car, which is a portable car gun safe.

With portable gun safe, you do get a lot of different locking options and a greater level of security. However, all the added security comes at a cost. You will be severely limited in your draw speed, and your gun is essentially useless if you ever need to reach it in a moment’s notice.

However, with car gun holsters, reaching the gun is never too big of an issue. It might not be as fast as an OWB holster when you are standing up, but the draw speed is impressive enough to be a practical solution. In fact, in the confines of your car, the draw speed of a car holster is greater than a typical OWB holster.

Furthermore, when you are using a car holster, your weapon is technically concealed. You are not breaking any laws and are following the strict protocols related to concealed carry. As a law-abiding gun owner, this is one of the best element of a car gun holster.

What are the differences between a car gun holster and a car gun safe?

Despite both being a way to carry guns in a vehicle with safety, a car gun holster and a car gun safe are drastically different. Even if you overlook the overall appearance, they serve completely different purposes. Here are a few of the differences that you should know about between the two devices.

For one thing, a car gun holster is a way to carry your weapon discreetly inside the car while keeping it at arm’s reach. On the other hand, with a portable gun safe, you will need to jump through a few hoops to get to your gun.

A car gun safe is essentially a gun vault for your car. It comes with its own set of locking mechanisms, such as a digital keypad or biometric security that you need to bypass in order to access your gun. The primary purpose of this device is to protect your handgun and prevent unauthorized access.

Although a car gun holster also serves to protect your handgun and prevent tampering, its main function is to keep your weapon ready for you to pull out. It does not come with any massive locking mechanism to prevent access.

Another major difference between the two is the overall design and structure. A car gun safe is like a lockbox. It can be quite light to extremely heavy, depending on the model that you are buying. However, a car gun holster is simply a gun holster with screws on the side to install it in your car. It is typically quite lightweight.

A gun holster is also much cheaper than a portable car gun safe. With a car gun safe, however, you can store more than one weapon in most cases. Unless you buy a car mount, and a few different holsters, you cannot store more than one weapon.

Is it legal to use a car holster?

When it comes to guns, the laws can vary wildly from one state to another. It is a good idea to brush up on the rules and regulations related to firearms of your specific region before investing in a gun or a holster.

However, if your state permits you to carry your gun discreetly, it is not illegal to carry it in a car holster. Since it is essentially a type of concealed carry holster, you will certainly not be breaking any laws by using it. As long as you keep it concealed and out of sight in public, you should face no problem using it.

Where should I place my car gun holster?

Placement of your car gun holster is everything as this is what dictates how effective it will be at its job. The best location to install this device can vary for different people. Quick access and concealment are the key considerations when it comes to finding the best placement for your car holster.

If you cannot reach your gun when you need to, there is no point in buying it. On the other hand, you cannot keep it in plain view. Since it is a concealed carry type holster, discretion is a huge factor that you need to consider before installing it. As long as you do not compromise on the draw speed and concealment, you can place it anywhere you want.

Final Thoughts

A car gun holster is an extremely handy tool to have at your disposal. It can make those long trips with your gun somewhat bearable as you do not need to constantly fight with the discomfort of carrying the weapon. The device is extremely practical, and a must-have if you frequently go on the road with your firearm.

However, without an in-depth knowledge of the tool and everything that comes with it, you cannot make a good decision when buying it.

 We hope our extensive article on the best car holster could shed some light on this often overlooked tool. By now, you should have no trouble figuring out which unit will give you the best results.

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