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Best in Wall Gun Safe in 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

A gun safe traditionally takes up a lot of space. And if you want one that can hold your long guns, well, good luck finding a compact unit. If you are struggling with cramped space already, a gun safe is not really a good option. And considering all the extra space, it takes to mount it, you will likely have a bad experience with it.

But what if there was a way to keep the safe out of your way. With the best in wall gun safe, you can convert a portion of the wall in your corridor or office into a full-fledged vault to keep all your firearms. And the best part, they do not even cost much more than a normal gun vault.

However, you do need to practice a bit of caution. The market is highly competitive, but not all manufacturers give you the same level of product. If you are not careful, there is a high chance of you ending up with a subpar unit.

 But with our help, you should not feel intimidated. In this article, we will give you a complete guideline on the best in wall gun safes you can find on the market to keep your guns, and other items tucked away from plain sight.

Why Do You Need The Best Hidden Wall Gun Safe?

If you are wondering if you can skimp out on the added expense of buying a gun safe, you really should not. Many people consider it an unnecessary expense, but as a gun owner, your first order of business should be to find a safe and secure storage space for your firearm.

  • To Keep Your Guns Away From Others

One of the main reasons for buying a gun safe is burglary. However, if you have small children in your house, burglary would be the least of your worries. Every year, thousands of gun-related incidents occur, most of which sadly involves little kids. Whatever you do, you need to ensure that kids cannot have access to your gun.

Additionally, intruders cannot access your firearms by breaking into your home. And if someone does try to rob you, you can get to your weapon to stop them.

  • A Discreet Way To Store Weapons

An in-wall gun safe is a discreet way to store your gun. It does not get in the way or draw unnecessary attention to your firearms. You still get easy access to your weapon when you need it in case of an emergency. But until you do, the safe stays out of your way and does not attract any attention to itself.

  • Safety and Security

Besides that, a gun safe is the best way to store guns securely. All gun safe comes with different locking mechanisms that you need to unlock to gain access to the interior. Something as simple as a lock and key can make the difference between an intruder taking your weapon, or you stop them.

  • To Store Other Valuables

Furthermore, the sole purpose of an in-wall gun safe is not limited to firearms only. Along with your guns and ammunition, you can store other valuables such as jewelry, cash, or even your sensitive documents such as a passport or driving license. You can sleep better at night, knowing all your important items are safely locked away.

  • Does Not Take Up Much Space

One of the best features of an in-wall gun safe is that it takes virtually no space out of your room. If your room does not have any space to spare, an in wall gun safe is the perfect solution. Since you place it inside a wall, you are essentially making use of an area that would otherwise be wasted.

Top 5 Best In Wall Gun Safe Reviews

Now that you understand why you need the best in wall gun safe, it is time to check out some of the top products in the market. Do not worry; we have done all the legwork for you to find only the finest products that are worth your time and money. So, without further ado, let us jump in.

1. Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe, 5.25",Beige

If you are one of those who want to keep your wall safe discreet and straightforward, the Protex PWS-1814E might be the perfect unit. It comes with two color options. You can either go with the smart and simple Beige or the stylish looking Black. Thanks to the sleek design, it is the perfect unit to protect your valuable at home or office.

This wall safe comes with a high-quality digital keypad featuring an electronic lock. The locking mechanism is sophisticated enough to deter any burglary attempts yet quite simple for the user. You also get a set of keys to override the safe if you ever need it.

It features a motorized locking bolt that automatically opens the door when you enter the correct code. The safe also comes with two motorized chrome bolts of a ¾ inch diameter that prevents forced entry. Add that with the heavy-duty steel construction of the unit, and you get an impenetrable safe that can survive anything.

Looking at the interior, you get three shelves, two of which are removable. This feature really comes in handy when you want to store long guns like a shotgun or rifle inside the safe. Whether you want to store your firearms or other important documents and belongings, you can be sure that this unit can handle it.

Pros :

  • Sleek and simple design
  • Comes with two removable shelves
  • High-quality electronic keypad
  • Included keys to power override the electronics.
  • Spring-loaded doors that are quick to open


  • Installation can be a bit challenging

2. 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe .83 CF for Large Jewelry Security-Paragon Lock & Safe

The next unit on our list is by a brand known as Paragon Lock & Safe. It is a perfect investment for people who do not want to compromise on the safety of their items. Whether you want to store guns or other valuables, you cannot go wrong with the Quarter Master 7700.

It comes with a simple and efficient electronic keypad. The keypad features a buzzer to give you sound feedback and also LED lights to show you the status of the unit. You can easily set up an access code of three to eight digits that will let you unlock the safe. With the included keys, you can bypass the keypad and open the safe manually.

The unit features a 1/8-inch solid steel construction that is designed to handle any abuse. Both the interior and exterior of the safe comes with powder coating to prevent corrosion. Additionally, the tamper-proof hinges ensure that the unit cannot be pried open by force.

 The interior of the unit comes with grey carpeting that ensures your items will remain safe and secure. All the required mounting hardware comes included with your purchase along with pre-drilled holes in the unit for easier installation. So, you can set up your device easily as soon as you get your hands on it.

Pros :

  • Easy to install and set up
  • Comes with buzzer and LED on the keypad
  • Includes all the mounting accessories
  • Thick 1/8-inch steel construction
  • Tamper-proof hinges prevent prying


  • Tight interior space

3. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe 0.52 Cubic Ft

Coming up next, we have a high-quality, state of the art wall safe by the brand Barska. The unit features excellent construction quality, and considering the name behind its creation, it is not very surprising. And to top it all off, the price is also quite reasonable, making it a perfect investment if you are on a budget.

If you look at the biometric scanner in the unit, you will know that it does not take the matter of security lightly. Its top-notch scanner is fast, responsive, and has a low margin of error, meaning you can quickly access the inside of the safe without fumbling around with a keypad. Additionally, you also get a set of keys to override the biometric security.

The unit features a thick and heavy 1/16-inch solid steel construction. Thanks to the concealed door hinges, prying it open is next to impossible. It also has two motorized deadbolts to further enhance its security. Considering all the high-quality features in the unit, the approval by the Department of Justice is not surprising.

The interior of the safe comes with a protective floor mat on each of the shelves to safely store your items. There are three shelves inside the unit that allows you to pack it up with all your small items with ease. It runs on four AA sized batteries, but if you want the best output, you should stick with premium-grade alkaline ones.

Pros :

  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with two motorized locking bolts
  • Includes all the mounting accessories
  • Highly affordable price tag
  • Pry-resistant door hinges


  • Bad quality control

4. Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet,Beige

Stack-On is quite a well-known name in the world of gun safes. The specialty of this brand is making high-quality full-sized safes that can handle any and all your storage needs. If you own a lot of long guns, a compact-sized wall safe will not cut it for you. However, Stack-on has a solution to your problem.

The unit does not offer much in terms of the modern locking mechanism. You get a simple lock and a pair of included keys to open the safe. However, you should never underestimate a good set of locks. And thanks to its 3-point locking system, you can be sure that it is a great one.

Looking at the build-quality, you get what you pay for. It is a decent safe that is extremely useful, but to be fair; it lacks a bit when it comes to its construction. However, it does offer a decent amount of security. Breaking into the safe will definitely take a fair amount of time by which you should be able to apprehend the intruder easily.

 It is a useful unit for anyone who wants a wall safe for their long guns. The interior shelves can be removed or adjusted to accommodate any additional ammunition or small items you might want to keep inside. It is a highly affordable gun safe that offers a lot of use to someone who wants an easy way to store their firearms

Pros :

  • The highly affordable price tag
  • Can store long guns easily.
  • Easy to install
  • Simple and discreet look
  • Adjustable and removable shelves


  • Not very durable, but you get what you pay for

5. Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe

At the end of our list, we have another impressive wall safe by the brand Barska. If you are a sucker for biometric security, this brand offers you a lot of different options at an affordable range. The AX12408 is an excellent investment for anyone who wants a decent amount of storage options and a whole lot of safety.

It features an easy to use biometric module that can handle up to 120 fingerprints. The scanner takes high-resolution images of your fingerprints and checks against its database for the smallest amounts of mismatch, which makes it highly accurate. Furthermore, it is quite responsive and allows you to open the safe instantaneously.

When it comes to durability, you have nothing to worry about with the unit. It features a solid steel construction making it extremely durable. The addition of two pry-resistant deadbolts further ensures that the safe can shrug off any sort of tampering. Breaking into the unit is strictly a no go.

 In addition to the biometric security, you get a set of override keys to bypass the scanner. The interior shelves in the unit can be removed, opening up a wide range of organizing options for you. All the mounting accessories you need comes included with your purchase to help you get set up without any delay

Pros :

  • Affordable unit with a biometric scanner
  • Removable interior shelf
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Pry-resistant dual deadbolts
  • Easy to install


  • The scanner feels inconsistent after a few years.

Things to Look for When Buying the Best In Wall Gun Safe

When you are looking to buy the best in wall gun safe, you need to know everything about it. There are many different aspects of this type of device that you need to understand to figure out whether it is a good investment or not. Otherwise, you might just buy a unit that will let you down within a few mounts.

To prevent that from happening, here are a few essential features that you should look for when you are buying an in-wall gun safe.

1. Locking Mechanism

The first thing that you want to look for when buying an in wall gun safe is its locking mechanism. A gun safe may feature many different types of locks such as electronic, biometric, or even a simple and key. You need to make sure you are buying a unit that comes with a lock you are comfortable using.

Biometric security is probably the fastest locking mechanism you can find on the market. You can also go with electronic locks if the keypad is smooth and responsive. A high-quality lock can also work wonders in providing security for your unit. So ultimately, it comes down to preference.

Not everyone feels the same level of comfort when using biometric or electronic locking mechanisms. If you are one of them, you might be better off with an old-school combination lock. There are many excellent safes on the market that come with highly secure combination locks.

However, if you do go with electronic or biometric locks, you also need to think about the battery. In that case, the battery life is another element that you must check.

Some units do not utilize battery as well and can only last a few months until it needs a replacement. These units generally are not worth buying as the added cost of the battery is not something that anyone wants.

2. Storage Space And Size

The next element you should consider is the size of the unit. Bigger gun safes offer better storage at the cost of requiring more wall space. But instead of buying the biggest in wall gun safe on the market, you should take a step back and calculate how much storage space you actually need.

The good thing about this type of safes is that they store not only your firearms but also other important items. You can store sensitive documents, digital discs, or even your precious collectibles inside the safe to keep it securely tucked away. As long as the safe is locked and only you can access it, your items will remain secure.

Since in wall gun safes usually come with adjustable shelves, if you have good organizing capabilities, you can store a bunch of stuff inside. However, for people who want to store long guns, tight storage space is not an option. They would be better off investing in full-length units to make sure they have enough room inside the safe.

3. Build Quality

One thing you should never do when buying an in wall gun safe is skimp out on the build quality. You can find all sorts of units on the market, and some of them come with poor construction materials to counteract the price. Although these models are more affordable, they are not very secure.

Gun safes with poor build quality are susceptible to forced entry. It fails in its primary purpose, which is to keep the interior contents secure. If a burglar can simply break open the safe, then there really is no point in buying it. It would be a bad investment on your part.

Make sure the gun safe that you buy features thick heavy-gauge steel construction. Furthermore, you should look at the hinges and the locking bolts as these sections have the task of locking it down. Furthermore, you should ensure that there is no opening around the hinges. Otherwise, the door can be pried open with enough force.

4. Additional Features

The above-mentioned aspects are the most important in selecting your gun safe. If you have all those covered, you are already on your way to finding the right unit. However, there are a few nifty little features that you might consider checking to get some additional values out of your purchase.

Interior lighting is a feature that you might want to consider in this case. It might seem like a little thing, but when you want to open up your safe in the night, interior lighting allows you to see clearly. As a result, you can easily thwart any burglary by quickly getting your hands on your firearms.

There are some other amazing features that you can find on the market if you look hard enough. Features like automatic locking or low battery warning give you that extra value out of your investment.

5. Price

Last but not least, you must also consider the price of the unit. Before you start browsing the marketplace, it would be wise to set yourself on a spending limit. Without having a clear budget in mind, you open up a lot of confusion and hesitation when buying a product.

Although gun safes are quite expensive, in general, you can find models on the affordable range if you look hard enough. Our list of products should give you a good starting point to start your search.

Final Thoughts

In wall gun safes are a practical choice for a gun owner with a small house. You no longer need to worry about the safe eating up a big chunk of your room space. It stays out of your way while providing the best security for your important items.

We hope our article on the best in wall gun safes could help you find the perfect unit for your home or office.


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